What do all these people have in common?

Franklin Roosevelt- U.S. President
Harry Truman – U.S. President
Gerald Ford – U.S. President
Hubert Humphrey – U.S. Vice President
Spiro T. Agnew – U.S. Vice President
John Brademas – U.S. Senator, NYU President
Alex Karras – Actor, Football Player
Harry Agganis -Professional Athlete
John Glen – Astronaut and US Senator
Alex Spanos – Owner San Diego Chargers
Jack Dempsey – U.S. Boxing Champion
Jim Londos – U.S. Wrestling Champion
George Marcus – Commercial Real Estate Developer
Richard Byrd – U.S. Rear Admiral, Explorer
Michael Dukakis – U.S. Governor, 1988 Presidential Candidate
John Catsimatidis- Businessman
Paul Tsongas – U.S. Senator
Steve Pisanos – U.S. Air Force Colonel, Test Pilot
Michael Psaros – Businessman
James Magellas – U.S. Army, Lt. Col highest decorated officer 82nd Airborne

Nearly 200 Elected members of Congress….

They were/are AHEPA members, just like you!

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