2017-2017 CHAPTER OFFICERS Lord Baltimore Chapter No. 364

Founded December 28, 1949 in Baltimore, Maryland

Chapter meetings are held on the second Monday of the month at AHEPA Senior Apartments – Angelos Room

1351 S. Clinton Street Baltimore, MD 21224


Map Location


Vice President

Nick Filipidis

Email: president@ahepa364.org

Jim Loukas

E-mail: vp@ahepa364.org


Recording Secretary

Pericles Likakis

E-mail: treasurer@ahepa364.org

John Pentikis & Lou Kanaras

E-mail: secretary@ahepa364.org

Information Technology

Board of Governors

Nick Forakis

Email: webmaster@ahepa364.org

Mike Mavronis, Chairman

Email: bog@ahepa364.org